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The Working Equitation was initiate by Italy, France and Spain in 1996 and in 1997 Portugal joined those countries. Those were the countries that in Europe used the horse for the field work, which are still the base for this sport’s rules.

In 2004 was created the World Association for Working Equitation – WAWE aiming to promote and to regulate the sport, with one Regulation for all the countries that practice Working Equitation. Since then Working Equitation has been growth strongly with huge interest all over the world.

Each competition comprises four trials: Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed and Cow, whose senior trials had the compulsory feature of the horse being led with one hand and aims at promoting competition between different ways of riding used in the field work in various countries. Another of its special features is the fact that it constitutes a prime example of an ethnographic and cultural showcase, maintaining the traditional costumes and saddlery characteristic of each country.

It is really a deep satisfaction to verify that at the present year of 2023, we have more than 35 countries practicing Working Equitation and following WAWE Rules, and Protocols established with 24 countries being the others at a primary stage meeting the necessary requirements. Some of the Protocols are made directly with the Equestrian Federation, others with Associations created to assume the responsibility for the discipline and to work and develop the necessary efforts to reach the recognition of their Equestrian Federations.

WAWE has been working very hard to keep all the characteristics which aroused so much interest, but still improving the Rules and keeping them always respecting and following the most important Entity for Equestrian Sports – FEI and with a strong defense of the animal healthcare following strictly Veterinarian Rules, (not allowing blood in the Horses, under penalty of disqualification) and ethical values of the Sport
We also underline that WAWE develops an important effort in the promotion of Working Equitation being made also fundamental the cooperation work with countries and their leaders, as well as the strategic understandings made always with the purpose to meet what is determined by FEI, promoting training courses for judges and trying to get the best trainers and riders to help to develop new competitors with a good formation base.

Since its formation in 2004, WAWE has organized four World Championships and nine European Championships, for Seniors, and one World Championship and three European Championships for Juniors and Young Riders with an increasing number of participating countries. Also organized two competitions and some presentations as part of the Global Champions Tour events.

In 2023 WAWE took another step towards the evolution of the Working Equitation by increasing the number of board members, which has led to more and better management of the sport.

WAWE Board President

João Ralão Duarte