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How to become a WAWE member

Any national Equestrian Federation representing a country can become a member of WAWE. If the federation has not yet recognized this discipline, an association created to manage Working Equitation, officially registered in the country and whose statutes state that its objective is to develop and promote Working Equitation, can be recognized.

WAWE only have one protocol with each country.

To apply to join WAWE, the organization must send:
  • A summary of all the activities it has already carried out to promote Working Equitation (competitions, training courses for those involved -riders, trainers and/or judges-, information sessions on Working Equitation, etc.)
  • The organization's statutes officially recognize
  • A letter requesting the establishment of a protocol with WAWE and that they intend to promote Working Equitation following the Regulations of this World Association.
Once these documents have been analyzed by WAWE Board and accepted, the protocol will be drawn up and signed. It must be complied with, and it must be clearly stated that Working Equitation in that country must follow WAWE regulations in international competitions, so that the discipline in the country must be oriented towards WAWE standards.

If you are interested to become an official WAWE member please send an email to: office@wawe-workingequitation.com