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15th March - 17th March 2024
Country: Segovia, Spain
Organized by: Federacion Hipica Castilla y Leon
Judge: Barbara Laurent (F), Antonio Vicente (POR), Jose Andres Benito (E)
Contact: Jose Andres Benito, jumisto@gmail.com



28th - 29th January 2023
Country: Netherlands
Place: Exloo
Judge: António Vicente

18th - 19th March 2023
Country: Spain
Place: Segovia
Judges: Jose Benito, Mário Pimentel and Barbara Laurent

5th - 7th May 2023
Country: Austria
Place: Stadlpaura
Judges: Nicola Danner and Antonio Vicente  

18th - 21st May 2023
Country: Germany
Place: Munich
Judges: Nicola Danner, Charlotta Ingvardotter and Jose Benito

9th - 11th June 2023
Country: Netherlands
Place: Someren
Judges: Yves Manzanares and Fiona Price Jones

23rd - 25th June
Country: Italy
Place: Pisa
Judge: Nicola Danner

11th - 12th August 2023
Country: Switzerland
Place: Diesldorf
Judges: Katja Weiss and Fiona Price Jones

9th - 12th September 2023
Country: Sweden
Place: Vetlanda
Judges: Barbara Laurent and Antonio Vicente

29th September - 1st October 2023
Country: Czech Republik
Place: Lowe
Judges: Yves Manzanares and Nicola Danner

14th October - 15th October 2023
Country: Belgium
Place: Waregem
WAWE Judges: Marion Pimentel, Fiona Price-Jones
Contact: Working Equitation Belgium, see WAWE members

19th October - 22nd October 2023
Country: Poland
Place: Wroclaw Partynice Race track
WAWE Judge: Nicola Danner
Contact: info@workingequitation.pl

3rd - 5th November
Country: Austria
Place: Ebreichspark (Magna Racino)
Judge: Jose Andres Benito