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Czech Republic



WAWE representative
Lenka Steklova

Working Equitation in the Czech Republic

The Czech Society for Working Equitation (CSWE) is an organization dedicated to Working Equitation since 2013. CSWE cares about quality, traditional Working Equitation according to WAWE rules and principles. CSWE members and riders participate in training sessions with the best  WE coaches. CSWE's mentor and trainer is Pedro Torres.  Personally Pedro Torres regularly visit the Czech Republic and organize seminars together with CSWE.
Every year CSWE organizes in cooperation with Pedro Torres Academy prestigious Working Equitation competitions in the Czech Republic: Pedro Torres Academy Cup. www.pedrotorresacademycup.com. These competition have been very strongly represented in the highest classes in recent years. They are a great example of Working Equitation from the best European riding pairs.

Valuable advice and experience from such trainings are passed on by CSWE members and riders, who organize seminars or individual WE trainings for members. Most seminars take place in the home stable of CSWE: www.lowe.events where there is always time and space for training riders and horses in Working Equitation.
CSWE is based on quality, individuality and close friendships built on joint activities, seminars and educational events. www.cswe.cz

Gallery from Working Equitation Czech Republic

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