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WAWE representative
Ion Maldea

Working Equitation in Romania

In Romania, Working Equitation has had an exponential growth and robust development beginning with 2014, when the Association for Working Equitation – Romania (AWER) has led the foundation of this new discipline at national level, by providing a well-developed and well-documented competition rulebook and starting organizing competitions. Debuting at a smaller scale, but driven by the impetus of offering this beautiful discipline to those who practice horse riding – children and adults alike, the interest for the discipline grew (basically on a “word-to-mouth” base, followed by the development of a professional web page and constant activity on social media) at a sustained rate, enabling the organization of a first Championship Final in 2017. Currently, the number of enthusiasts is on an ascendent trend, manifesting a high and constant interest for this new discipline.

The training levels are constantly increasing, reaching the medium (M) level over the years, with the possibility of improving their performances.

Working Equitation, as a discipline, was introduced within the Romanian Equestrian Federation (FER) in April 2023, thus becoming a recognized equestrian sports discipline at national level.

Gallery from Working Equitation Romania

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