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WAWE representative
Geraldo Lefosse

Brief History of Working Equitation in Brazil

The practice of WE in Brazil started around 2000 by some few professional riders on private competitions organized by Lusitano breeders on their ranches. In 2002 these breeders organized and sponsored a team to participate in the World Championship held in Beja, Portugal. The stunning results achieved – Team Reserved Champion and Individual Rider Champion of the World (Fabio Rogerio Lombardo and Brilho do Rimo, a Lusitano bread in Brazil ) – have boosted WE in the Country.

From 2003 until 2011 ABPSL – the Brazilian Association of the Lusitano Breeders – organized and developed WE competitions in Brazil. Until 2005 only few competitors with Lusitano horses have competed. From 2005 on riders with other breeds of horses have also participated in regional and national championships, annually increasing the number of participants. In 2012 ABPSL decided not to keep organizing WE in the Country and such task was undertaken by Cia Paulista de Equitação de Trabalho formed by Ney Messi specifically for such purpose.

With the participation of a variety of horse breeds, such as Lusitano, Mangalarga Marchador, Mangalarga, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Crioulo, Campolina and Arab, WE has experienced a significant boost in the Country which caused the formation of ABET – the Brazilian Association for Working Equitation. During the Covid restriction times ABET kept WE alive by organizing virtual competitions and championships.

In 2022 ABET was accredited by WAWE as its agent in Brazil, a very important factor for the boost of such sport in the Country. In 2023 Brazil was represented in the World Championship for Young Riders by Gabriel Elmor Tavares, a rider of the Lusitano breeder Haras das Mangueiras.

Gallery from Working Equitation Brazil

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