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WAWE course for int. judge candidates

WAWE promoted a course for international judges candidates for Working Equitation for countries that don't have international judges, which was given by the head of the Judges Training, Dr. Claudia Matos.

Candidates from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland and the United States attended.

The following attendees were promoted as international WAWE judges’ candidates:

                - Doreen Atkinson (USA)

                - Maggie Cappon (Aus)

                - Tine Geudens (Bel)

which WAWE congratulates and wishes all the success and commitment to pursue the path defined by the regulations to be recognized as international judges, in a near future.

We would also like to thank the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation and especially international judge Jose Andrés Benito for organizing these important days for the growth and correct dissemination of the discipline around the world.