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WAWE representative
Mrs. José Houtman

Working Equitation in Holland

In 2007 the first Working Equitation activities took place in Holland. Some rode their first international competition. In 2008 there were some small try out competitions. In 2009  multiple demonstrations WE during the Equitana were ridden and 2 Dutch ladies joined the international Wawe judge course. Working Equitation Nederland is then formed: a small group of enthusiastic people. Throughout 2009 en 2010 there were some small competitions. And then it got a bit quiet. Until 2012; DWE was founded, the first formal Working Equitation organization in Holland. Enthusiastic members organize competitions and ride demonstrations. There is frequent contact with German WE riders, members of DWE take part in German competitions and join German judge courses.

At the end of 2012 DWE turns into Working Equitation Holland (WEH). WEH presents the first Dutch rulebook and organizes 5 tournaments each year. In 2014 the first international tournament took place (Antonio Vicente flew in to judge) and WEH joined the Wawe. In 2015 the first Dutch championship was ridden. With over 100 members WEH is a fast growing club; Working Equitation is becoming more and more popular in Holland. And riders from Belgium and Germany frequently ride at WEH tournaments. WEH is currently building a team that will compete during the next European Championship. Meanwhile one of our junior riders was competing in the junior EK. We are proud to say that all individuals and separate groups that have taken an active part in promoting Working equitation in Holland in the past are now all joined and working together in Working Equitation Holland.

Holland is a relatively small country. Our cattle lives close to their barn, no need to go and fetch the cows on horseback. For that reason we don’t have a long lasting tradition in working equitation. But our cavalry has played an important role in the history of Holland. So in designing our costumes we used elements from our cavalry. We combined these elements with our national colors orange, red, white and blue. The dark blue is leading, referring to the fact that Holland is a water nation.

The Working Equitation Holland costume consists of dark blue pants and a dark blue coat both decorated with orange, red, white and blue details. The riding vest is blue as well. Underneath it all we wear a white or light blue shirt. Helmets, boots or jodhpurs are black or dark brown. Bridles and saddles are also black or dark brown.