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WAWE representative
Emilio Minunzio

Working Equitation in Italy

"In Italy Working Equitation was born en 1996 and since that date it has improvements. People involved have worked on the traditional priciples, to encourage and promote the discipline.

During the years the level has growt becoming eccelent, this can also be seen in the results of the international competitions.

The discipline is actually organised and promoted by "ASI SPORT EQUESTRI", recognised by the Olimpic Comitate and Ministry of work and Social Politic, which concern about planning and organise of all activities involved in working equitation in Italy.

The categories of the national discipline are five: from the ludic level to the top follow the international regulations and they are: AVVIAMENTO (BEGINNERS - ludic level), AMATORI (AMATEURS - elementary level), INTERMEDIA 1 (medium simple level), INTERMEDIA 2 (medium intermediate level), OPEN (difficult level).

In Italy around 500 riders pratices the Working Equitation in the different categories. Regional and National shows are organised in different regions of Italy. The Italian tema have always participate to International events, gained several medals individually or in Team."

Gallery from Working Equitation Italy

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